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Essential Ways To Stormproof Your Attica Home

4/10/2024 (Permalink)

Living in areas prone to storms, hurricanes, or severe weather conditions requires proactive measures to protect your home and loved ones. 

Stormproofing your home is essential to minimize damage and ensure safety during adverse weather events. 

In today’s blog, we explore crucial ways to stormproof your Attica home and enhance its resilience against the forces of nature.

What Are Some Crucial Steps I Should Take To Stormproof My Attica House?

If you're wondering how to stormproof your Attica home, keep reading!

  • Reinforce Doors and Windows. The first line of defense against storms is reinforcing doors and windows. Install impact-resistant windows and doors to withstand strong winds and flying debris. Consider adding storm shutters or plywood boards for extra protection during severe weather. Properly sealing gaps and cracks will also prevent water intrusion.
  • Roof Maintenance. A well-maintained roof is crucial for storm protection. Regularly inspect and repair any damaged or missing shingles. Use hurricane straps or clips to reinforce the roof structure to resist strong winds. Additionally, consider upgrading to a more wind-resistant roofing material.
  • Secure Outdoor Furniture and Objects. Outdoor furniture and objects can become projectiles during storms, damaging your property and neighboring homes. Secure outdoor items by bringing them indoors or using anchors and tie-downs; this prevents these objects from being tossed around by strong winds.
  • Trim Trees and Branches. Overhanging branches and unstable trees pose a significant risk during storms. Trim trees regularly to remove dead or weak branches that could fall on your home. Consider consulting with an arborist to identify and address potential hazards.
  • Install a Generator. Power outages are common during storms, and having a backup generator can be a lifesaver. Install a generator to maintain essential appliances, such as cooling and heating systems, refrigerators, and medical equipment. Ensure that you have enough fuel to last through the storm.
  • Reinforce Garage Doors. Garage doors are vulnerable points during storms, and their failure can lead to severe damage. Strengthen garage doors with braces or replace them with wind-resistant models. This small investment can prevent costly repairs and protect your home from storm damage.
  • Create a Storm Emergency Kit. Prepare for the worst by assembling a storm emergency kit. It should include essentials such as bottled water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, and essential documents. A well-prepared kit ensures you and your family can weather the storm safely.
  • Elevate Electrical Systems. Flooding is a common consequence of storms, and elevated electrical systems can prevent damage to your home's wiring. Elevate electrical outlets, switches, and circuit breakers above potential flood levels. Consider installing a sump pump to avert basement flooding.

Who Do I Turn To When A Disaster Occurs?

SERVPRO of Huron & East Seneca Counties is your go-to partner for storm damage for many reasons, such as our commitment to:

Stormproofing your Attica home is a proactive approach to ensuring your family's safety and safeguarding your property during severe weather events. By reinforcing vulnerable areas, maintaining your home's exterior, and having emergency preparations, you can significantly reduce the risk of storm-related damage. Stay vigilant and prepared, and you can weather any storm with confidence!

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